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FSC 2nd year Computer Sciences Guess 2018 12th Class

FSC 2nd year Computer Sciences Guess 2018 12th Class

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Chapter 1

data processing. Activities involved data processing? Data base model. Different type’s database


Chapter 2

key? diff types key use database. data stored retrieved file management system.

Chapter 3

data modeling? ingredients of data modeling?

ER diagram.

Chapter 4

data integrity? types data integrity?. normalization

Chapter 5

RDBMS. database object? use store retrieve data.

Chapter 6

primary key. procedure applying primary key ms acces. query? use & advantage diff types


Chapter 7

form? use and advantage.

Chapter 8

two categories progam & programming language. .basic structure of c program

Chapter 9

identifier? Two type identifier c? constant? explain diff type constants.

Chapter 10

work printf function. scanf function. getche function. gets function. clrscr function.

Chapter 11

“if” statement or statement with one alternative?

Chapter 12

do while loop.for loop.nested loop its working.all program loop

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